Shipping Notice

Our team is navigating through a backlog, thanks to a wave of demand that's even bigger than the ones at Bondi Beach!

We totally understand that waiting can be as enjoyable as finding sand in your swimsuit – and trust us, we're not fans of the delay either! But we're on it, doing our best to get your order to you as soon as possible!

Black Friday Rush is here!

 Below are our current expected dispatch times based on Order Dates.

 November orders: 1st-14th
90% of orders now shipped mostly orders with Coastal (SWBLCO) & Hammer Dustpan and Brush (SHAMPULLER). The remaining 10% of orders now due to be shipped 23 & 24th of November
November orders: 15th-22st
Dispatched within the next 3-6 Business Days
November orders: 23nd-30th
Estimated Delivery Time: 4 - 8 Business Days 

If you need more info or have any questions about your specific order, just email us and our customer service team will jump in to help. Thanks so much for riding this wave with us. Your support truly means a lot.