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Pickleball Set

Pickleball Set

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Good Times
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 Fitness-Friendly Fun
 Adaptive Play
 Quality USAPA approved
 Each set includes:
  • 2 paddles
  • 2 indoor balls (26 holes)
  • 2 outdoor balls (40holes)

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  • 1-Year Warranty
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Serve Up The Fun with Family and Friends

Enjoy the ultimate beach day with a game of pickleball! Immerse yourself in the picturesque beach views, and embrace the thrill of friendly competition.

Each rally not only adds to the excitement but also creates lasting memories with every match played against the backdrop of the ocean.


Pickleball can be enjoyed in your backyard, a park, or at the beach. But how do you play without a net?

Rally Pickleball - keep the ball airborne and rally back and forth for as long as possible!

Rally Pickleball with a twist - create your own net. For instance, use a Swished Tent and begin your rallies.

It's fun and addictive! The rally record at Swished stands at 151!